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Enter your requirements here. We'll then email or call you to confirm availability. If you want to vary the ride length or you have preferred routes, itinerary or horses tell us in the comments box. Please give us any other relevant information (ages of any children, riding experience and any health problems) so that we can make your ride as enjoyable and safe as possible.

Ride Details
Winter rides out from 9am - 2.30pm Summer rides out from 9am - 4pm
Please state if there are any additional requirements you might require


Making Payments & Cancellations

Group bookings, Day Rides and Pub Rides need to be paid for in advance either over the phone by card or Bank Transfer and one week notice of cancellation is required. Individual hourly rides also need to be paid in advance and 48 hours’ notice of cancellation is required. If cancellation is made with less notice there is no refund. If the required notice is provided your booking can be transferred.

After we have confirmed your booking please pay and send an email with lead riders name (person booking), other riders names that you have paid for, ride date, time and amount transferred. Payment
details are:

Payments by Bank Transfer to;
Sort Code; 40-47-18
Account number; 61298615

Contact details are:
Mobile - 07887476975
Yard phone - 01934 742501
Email -


Hats must be worn at all time whilst mounted. Hats must be up to current standards of PAS 015. Hats are available to borrow at no extra cost

Safe footwear is compulsory. Shoes/boots/wellies with a suitable heel (small, broad heel with smooth sole) are appropriate for riding. Trainers are not allowed.

Long comfortable trousers (leggings/joggers/jeans if not too tight) are recommended. No shorts.

Necklaces, dangly ear-rings, bracelets, protruding rings and piercings must not be worn as could cause injury. We recommend long hair is tied up in a low pony tail.

Rules and Safety conditions

We offer several different rides depending on the rider’s capability, you MUST be honest with your ability- otherwise it will endanger you and others around you. If in any doubt book a slower ride. We reserve the right to change/cancel your ride if we believe you are not at the required standard with no refund given.

There can be hidden dangers on the ride, Horses can be startled by sudden movements, such as, Pheasants, loud noises, machinery and unfamiliar objects, Your Ride escorts and Instructors are there to help.

Horse riding is not an amusement ride. Horses have minds of their own; you are a participant not a passenger. When you ride be in control at all times, NEVER let go of the reins or take your feet out of the stirrups.

Do NOT mount or dismount your horse without assistance from either Staff or the Riding Centre helper’s.

No rider is to enter a stable without permission of a member of staff.

You MUST sit centrally in the saddle staying balanced at all times and do not lean to one side of the saddle.

When on the ride leave at least one horses distance between your horse and the one in front of you.

Do not pass your ride escort unless requested to do so.

Use of cameras and mobile phones is not allowed.

Disability, medical conditions allergies and pregnancy must be notified prior to riding.

Smoking is STRICTLY PROHIBITED anywhere on the yard.

You must listen and obey the instructions of the ride escorts at ALL times.

A rider registration form must have been filled out and handed to a member of staff prior to riding.


It is also required that you fill out and bring to the ride the Rider Registration Form